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Cannabis Seeds - Lowryder Autoflower 2-Pack

Cannabis Seeds - Lowryder Autoflower 2-Pack

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Discover the iconic Auto Lowryder cannabis seeds, a pioneering strain that started the autoflower revolution. With moderate THC levels and a subtle flavor, it's perfect for both beginners and experts. Experience a balanced hybrid high without getting couch-locked. Cultivation is a breeze, yielding unique marijuana.

Auto Lowryder offers a delightful citrus-pine aroma and a range of effects, starting with an energizing uplift. As stress melts away, your activities become more enjoyable. It's ideal for a relaxed hike or a leisurely beach stroll. Eventually, relaxation sets in, and you'll find yourself cozy on the couch with munchies and possibly red eyes.

Auto Lowryder's mild THC content (12-14%) caters to both casual and seasoned users. Enjoy it for a wake and bake session, but take it slow to savor the experience. This strain delivers a balanced mind and body high, adding a touch of magic to any activity. Try Auto Lowryder for a unique cannabis adventure.

You'll need:

  • Purified water (preferable to tap water)
  • Paper towels (not toilet paper)
  • A dinner plate or saucer (avoid using a bowl)
  • Tweezers (handle with care)


  1. Thoroughly moisten your paper towels with purified water.
  2. Place the moist paper towel on the saucer or plate.
  3. Position your cannabis seeds on the plate, spacing them about an inch apart.
  4. Cover the marijuana seeds with a second paper towel.
  5. Lift the plate and towels to allow any excess water to drain.
  6. Find a warm, dark spot, like a cupboard, to place your cannabis seeds, maintaining a temperature of around 75°F.
  7. Regularly check the moisture levels and add more water to the towels to keep them damp.
  8. Once you spot taproots, use tweezers to carefully plant your marijuana seeds in their pots.






Willam's Wonder x Northern Lights #2 x Mexican Ruderalis



Yield Indoor

2 oz/m2

Yield Outdoor

2 - 3 oz/plant


6 - 16 inches

Flowering Time

8-10 Weeks

Flowering Style


Harvest Month

All Year











Primary terpenes


On 8/1/2023 Minnesota consumers can legally grow plants for personal use. Minnesota law allows adults 21+ to grow plants at home for personal use. 
Cultivated seeds are Feminized, carefully packaged and legally compliant according to Minnesota law. All of our seeds are Minnesota licensed and packaged. Cultivated seeds are genetically stable and ready for planting. 
All seeds contain license information, germination rates, Lot numbers, testing dates, sell by dates, and COAs. 
Cultivated seeds are genetically stable but we do not guarantee mature plant results. Mature plant results vary according to soils type, light variables, temperate variations, humidity, and overall experience level of the grower.  
Consumers are required to abide by all State laws in order for mature plants to remain legally compliant. 
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