What's the deal with all these cannabinoids??

Hey there, stoners and cannabis connoisseurs! Let's talk about the wonderful world of cannabinoids! These magical compounds found in the cannabis plant can work wonders on your body and mind, and we've got all the juicy details.


So, what are you waiting for, my fellow cannabis enthusiasts? Come on down and check out our selection of cannabinoids - we guarantee you'll find something that tickles your fancy and makes you feel oh-so-good. Happy toking!

  • D8 Distillate: “weed lite' Light version of weed. Half the feeling of D9 THC. Amber or clear refers to color. Some people want clear d8 for production, some prefer amber. It is important to differentiate. Distillate derived d8 is also an option as opposed to isolate derived and is less potent by:
  • THCO: Acetate version of THC. Referee to the scientific process to “add a protective layer to the molecule” this in turn makes it more bioavailable through the digestive system and more potent for consumption. There are 2 types of THCO: D8 and D9
  • HHC: Hydrogenated THC good for daytime use, clear headed feeling with no anxious paranoia effect. Hot product in Europe. “Closest thing to weed”.
  • HHC/CBN Blend: “Indica HHC Blend”; CBN combo with HHC is perfect for sleep and relaxing in the evening.
  • HHCO: Acetate version of HHC. Good for consumption products. More bioavailable like THCO: Smoother to inhale.
  • THCP: THC with a seven-chain ending. Super potent product. Can last up to 24 hours. Should be dosed in high levels. There are two types of THCP: D8THCP and D9THCP. The D9THCP is more potent and is generally sold for a higher dollar amount.
  • THCH: Like THCP in effects but doesn’t last as long. Very popular in Japan. Higher price tag item.
  • THCB: Hits harder on then frontend then THCP but doesn’t last as long. Very popular in Japan. Higher price tag item.
  • D9THCPO: Acetate THCP. More Bioavailable for consumption products for THCP products.
  • D10: Delta 10 THC. Very Similar to Delta8 in effects with a more of an uplifting effect. Claimed to give more of a body high.
  • H4CBD: Hydrogenated CBD, Appears as a liquid. When vaped it gives a sort of “Nicotine Buzz”. Great product for states with zero tolerance on THC like Utah or Idaho. Also, the product is liked overseas.
  • THCV: THC with a four-chain ending. Non psychoactive. “The caffeine of weed”. Good for morning use and an energy boost. There are two types of THCV, D8THCV and D9THCV. The D9THCV is more potent and is generally sold for a higher dollar amount.
  • CBN: Cannabinol, non-psychoactive. “The Sleep Cannabinoid”. Attributed to aiding in sleep. Works better when mixed with other cannabinoids, especially psychoactive cannabinoids.
  • CBNO: is the acetate version of CBN. More bioavailability for consumable products.
  • CBG: Non psychoactive. Has an uplifting effect. Good for “morning start focused products”. Helps in topicals products.
  • CBDV: Five chain CBD. Non-Psychoactive. Has been used in cancer studies. The starting material (precursor) to make THCV. Can be sold to manufacturers of THCV.
  • CBDA: Acidic CBD. “The Vitamin C of weed”. Used for products to “help prevent COVID”. The FDA released a statement that hemp companies cannot make a claim that any cannabinoid can cure, treat, or aide in health conditions such as viruses. 
  • CBGA: Acidic CBG. See above.
  • CBDP: Precursor of THCP and HHCP. This is mostly sold to people trying to produce THCP or HHCP.
  • CBC: This cannabinoid remains a liquid in an isolated state. Has been known to help when put into topicals or consumables. Also used often to prevent crystallization in vape carts. Can help companies to claim a full cannabinoid product in carts.
  • CBT: Like CBC in the fact that it appears in liquid form as an isolate. Used as a cart cutter because of its viscosity.
  • CBD Isolate: Cannabinol in its pure form. Easier to formulate with. No THC and a 99% product. CBD is used to help with various conditions which cannot be listed here due to *FDA and FTC guidelines restricting claims that cannabinoids may be used to cure, treat, or aide in health conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, depression, PTSD, ADHD, cancer, or any other conditions.* 
  • Full Spectrum: A true distillate (liquid extracted to roughly 70-80%) with other minor cannabinoids that appear in the hemp plant. Also includes natural terpenes and plant matter. Full Spec usually contains 2-3% THC.
  • Broad Spectrum: Like a full spectrum distillate, however, an extra step is taken to remediate the THC. This is a non-detective THC product.
  • Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD): Full Spectrum distillate that is designed not to crystalize. Used normally for carts. Can be made from Full Spec or Brand Spec to accommodate customer’s needs.
  • Water Soluble Products: Since cannabinoids are fat soluble molecules, they don’t mix with water. There have been many methods used to create water soluble cannabinoids. The most popular method for this is emulsification (the process of adding a binding molecule to keep the fat molecules from sticking back together).
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