Cold-Weather Cannabis Tips

Cold-Weather Cannabis Tips

It's cold out there! Growing high-quality cannabis is usually a warm-weather activity so we thought we give your some tips on growing in the winter.

1. Get Cozy with Your Plants

Seeds kick off their journey in spring, growing steadily until late summer/fall. Clones? They've got slightly less specific temperature needs, but they demand love and care to hit that vegetative sweet spot.

2. Know Your Cannabis Thermometer

Cannabis digs temperatures between 77º and 86º F during the day and a cool 63º to 65º F at night. Stray too far, and your plants might develop some unexpected quirks.

3. The Chill and Thrill of Growth Stages

Vegetative Stage:
Aim for 70-85º F for robust growth. Consistent warmth is key—think of it like sativa plants savoring equatorial sun.

Flowering Stage:
As days get shorter, let the temps cool a bit to 65-80º F. Keep fluctuations under 10 degrees for that perfect plant vibe.

Late Flowering/Pre-Harvest Stage:
Fall temps of 60-75º F are golden. But hey, outdoor growers can't control everything, right?

4. Extreme Temperatures: A Plant's Drama

Below 60º or above 90º F? Plants aren't fans. Growth slows, vigor drops, and in freezing temps, roots suffer. Keep 'em cozy for happy plants.

5. Tricks for Longer Growing Seasons

Move Indoors:
  • Start indoors, then let your plants shine outdoors in fall. Monitor temps; move them inside if it gets too chilly.
  • Caution: Give them the right light indoors, or they might decide to take a break from flowering.


Can't move them? Force-flowering to the rescue! Cover them up to mimic shorter daylight hours and speed up flowering.

Wind Protection:

Excessive wind? Plant in sheltered areas, build fences, and support your plants. A little extra care goes a long way.

Strategic Strain Selection:

Indica-dominant strains like Northern Lights or Granddaddy Purple are champs in the cold. Quick harvests are your winter pals.

Autoflowering Strains:

Perfect for cold climates. They do their thing automatically, from seed to buds in 8 weeks. Quick and easy, just how we like it.

Winter Greenhouse and Indoor Growing:

Most farmers head indoors for a cozy winter harvest. Greenhouses with heat and lights keep the party going. LEDs are the cool kids in town—energy-efficient and plant-friendly.

Keep the Green Vibes Going!

Regardless of your approach, growing cold-weather cannabis is doable with a bit of planning. Your cannabis journey doesn't have to hibernate with winter's chill. So, here's to a year-round green adventure, fellow farmers! 

And as always, feel free to reach out with any questions!

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